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Suffolk Anesthesiology Associates has been providing anesthesiology services to members of the community for over thirty-five years. We are a group of 16 full-time anesthesiologists who have completed four years of Medical School training, followed by a residency of specialized training in Anesthesiology. Our practice is wide-ranging with many different areas of expertise in the field of anesthesiology. All of our anesthesiologists have attained the highest level of professional advancement by becoming Board Certified. Several of our physicians are also certified in Critical Care Medicine, Pediatric Anesthesia and Chronic Pain Management. 

What We Do


 We at Suffolk Anesthesiology Associates realize that having surgery can be a trying and stressful experience. We are committed to making this experience as safe and comfortable as possible for our patients. We are there for you from the beginning to the end of your visit at our hospital. 



 What is the role of the Anesthesiologist?

The anesthesiologist is a vital member of your surgical team. Prior to surgery we carefully evaluate your medical condition and formulate a specific anesthetic plan. Along with you and your surgeon, we will help you choose the best anesthetic for you. Meticulous assessment continues throughout your surgery as your vital functions and level of anesthesia are closely monitored to ensure your safety. Additionally we are responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of medical problems that may arise during surgery and in the immediate post operative period.

What are the different types of anesthesia?

The three main types of anesthesia are general anesthesia, regional anesthesia and monitored anesthesia care.

  • General anesthesia involves administration of medications resulting in loss of consciousness and no awareness or sensation of the entire body.
  • Regional anesthesia is the administration of medication that only anesthetizes the specific region of the body upon which the surgical procedure is being performed.
  • Monitored anesthesia care (MAC) is the attendance of an anesthesiologist to monitor vital functions and administer sedation and analgesia.

All patients coming to the operating room have an intravenous line placed. Additionally, monitoring devices such as EKG, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation are used in all procedures taking place in the operating room. We also possess more technologically advanced state of the art monitoring devices that are used depending on your medical condition and the surgical procedure being performed. Side effects may occur after surgery and anesthesia. They may vary depending on the type of anesthetic being administered and the type of surgical procedure.

Meet the Team


Board of Directors

Lance T. Turner, M.D.,

Department Chair, President/Treasurer

Robert Fondacaro, M.D., Vice-President

Elliot Rossein, M.D., Secretary




Jasmine Bhatia, M.D.

Michael Fernando, M.D.

Robert Fondacaro, M.D.

Vineet Gambhir, M.D.

Shirley Mayo, M.D.

Valentina Radianu, M.D.

Thomas Kubanick, M.D.

Brett Smith, M.D.

James Suazo, M.D.

Julia Sverdlova, M.D.

Jennifer Whittemore, D.O.


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