who we are

Suffolk Anesthesiology Associates has been providing anesthesiology services to members of the community for over twenty-five years. We are a group of ten full-time Anesthesiologists who have completed four years of Medical School training, followed by a residency of specialized training in Anesthesiology. Our practive is wide-ranging with many different areas of expertise in the field of Anesthesiology. All of our anesthesiologists have attained the highest level of professional advancement by becoming Board Certified. Several of our physicians are also certified in Critical Care Medicine, Pediatric Anesthesia and Chronic Pain Management.

who we are
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Bonanno Anthony, M.D.
Buffa Salvatore, M.D.
Cohen Steven, M.D.
Fondacaro Robert, M.D.
Gambhir Vineet, M.D.
Kirschenbaum Benjamin, M.D.
Makrides Andrew, M.D.
Rossein Elliot, M.D.
Suazo James, M.D.
Turner Lance, M.D.